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How to Calculate Atomic Mass

The atomic mass of an element is a weighted average of all the element's isotopes based on their natural abundance It is simple to calculate the atomic mass of an element with these steps Typically in these problems you are provided with a list of isotopes with their mass and their natural abundance either as a decimal or percent value Get price



Silver is used on circuit boards and in batteries where the conduction speed is needed that copper for example can't quite deliver Even its most outdated properties are making resurgence With new antibiotics running thin a few researchers are returning to silver as a coating to keep the bugs at bay Get price


What Is the Density of Silver?

The density of pure silver is 10 5 grams per cubic centimeter However the density of most silver found in nature usually ranges from 10 to 12 grams per cubic centimeter The reason for this variation is that most silver found in nature is not pure silver as it usually contains a number of impurities Get price


Mass Percent Formula

Silver chloride often used in silver plating contains 75 27% Ag by mass Calculate the mass of silver chloride required to plate 155 mg of pure silver Determine the chemical formula of each compound and then use it to calculate the mass percent composition of each constituent element: a perchloric acidGet price


What is the origin of the element Ag Silver?

Silver ag is short for argentum that is the latin word for silver What is the 47th element? This element is silver (Ag) Is silver is ore or element? Silver is an element with the chemical Get price


silver (Ag)

Silver (Ag) is a lustrous white ductile malleable metallic element It is also a noble metal and a transition element occurring in group IB of the periodic table It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity of any metal Silver occurs both uncombined sa native silver (see Figure 1) and in ores such as galena and argentite Get price


Calculate the Mass of a Single Atom or Molecule

May 12 2014How do you calculate the mass of a single atom or molecule? In this video we'll answer the following questions: What is the mass in grams of a single atom of oxygen? and What is the mass Get price


London: 423 new mosques 100 Shariah courts more than in

London: 423 new mosques 100 Shariah courts more than in many Muslim countries By Jean Patrick Grumberg - on October 11 2018 UK 40 The St Mary's Church had only 12 people attending mass While nearby at the Brune Street Estate mosque there were hundreds of Muslims in the street and the mosque was full Get price


Broken Hill: one of the world's largest lead

Geoscience Australia The lead-zinc-silver ore deposit of Broken Hill in far‑western New South Wales is among the great ore deposits of the world because of its size richness and continuity The Broken Hill ore body formed as a result of volcanic activity about 1685 million years ago Get price


An ore contains 2 03 g of silver per ton of ore What is

Sep 13 2008An ore contains 2 03 g of silver per ton of ore What is the concentration of silver in ppm? I've tried an equation for this question- but it's not working outI keep getting it wrong Get price


an ore contains 2 88g ?

Jan 19 2014Answers Best Answer: ppm = mg Ag per kg of ore: 2000lb = 2000/2 204 = 907 44kg 2 88g = 2 880mg You have 2 880mg Ag in 907 44kg ore This is : Get price


A new ore contains 42 3% silver by mass

Sep 09 2006Best Answer: The closest answer is C) 3190 grams Molar Mass of Silver is about 108 grams/mole 12 5 moles of Silver would equal 1350 grams of Silver Therefore amount of grams of the ore needed (x) times 42 3% (0 423) is equal to 1350 Grams of Ore needed is 3190 if rounded to sigfigs Source(s):Get price


What is silver used for in industry?

Silver nitrate was used in the late 1800s to cure new-born babies of certain eye infections and doctors found that wounds healed faster with silver dressings The metal was used in sutures for surgical wounds and to cure ulcers – a use which continues today with silver-embedded bandages proven to be especially effective in healing the Get price


The water level in a graduated cylinder initially at 210

Njkl J asked • 10/06/17 The water level in a graduated cylinder initially at 210 mL rises to 282 mL after a piece of lead is submerged What is the mass in grams of the lead?Get price



are fast and when the ore contains mineral phases that are able to re-adsorb the gold cyanide in competition with activated carbon (preg-robbing) CIP is a more efficient process for slower-leaching gold ores and has certain other advantages over CIL such as smaller carbon elution and regeneration circuits SGS has developed a carbon-in-pulpGet price


Solved: Lead Metal Can Be Extracted From A Mineral Called

Lead metal can be extracted from a mineral called galena which contains 86 6 % lead by mass A particular ore contains 68 5 % galena by mass If the lead can be extracted with 92 5 % efficiency what mass of ore is required to make a lead sphere with a 4 00 cm radius?Get price


Facts About Silver

Silver really exploded on Earth however when Europeans landed on the New World in 1492 Spanish conquerors discovered that South America was home to rich veins of silver and silver ore and they Get price


AP Chemistry Questions?

Jul 14 2011The Morgan silver dollar has a mass of 26 73g By law it was required to contain 90% silver with the remainder being copper - a) When the coin was minted in the late 1800s silver was worth $1 18 per troy ounce (31 1g) Get price


Types of Copper Deposits in the World

They typically contain between 0 4 and 1 percent copper in concert with smaller amounts of other metals such as molybdenum silver and gold Porphyry copper mineral deposits are usually massive Get price


Copper Silver and Gold

Copper silver and gold are found in elemental or native form at the earth's surface The best nuggets have been picked up already since the land has been scoured for them wherever there are people who appreciate them They are called the currency metals since they have been used in coins since the beginning of money The three largest U S Get price


How do you use gravimetric analysis to find the mass

Mar 08 2014Gravimetric analysis is the determination of the amount of a constituent by measuring the mass of a solid In gravimetric analysis you usually add a reagent to a solution of your unknown and determine the mass of the precipitate that forms Since you know the formula of the precipitate you can work backwards to calculate the mass of the unknown Get price


Chapter 13 Silver

The ores and the rocky mass are reduced to powder and then roasted in a reverberatory furnace with about ten per cent of chloride of sodium which converts the silver into chloride of silver The pulverized mass is next put into barrels hung horizontally and capable of being rotated by machinery Get price


Metallic Deposits

The ore minerals in most of the world's iron and manganese reserves were chemically precipitated in the ocean and accumulated on the sea floor Placer deposits are heavy metallic minerals such as iron or titanium minerals or native gold or diamonds that have been concentrated by wave or water action in a river or beach environment Get price


Mass Percent of the Elements Practice Questions

Determining the mass percent of the elements in a compound is useful to find the empirical formula and molecular formulas of the compound This collection of ten chemistry test questions deals with calculating and using mass percent The answers appear after the final question A periodic table is necessary to complete the questions Get price



Dec 14 2010Hey everyone I need some help with Chemistry An ore contains 2 86 g of Silver per ton of ore What is the concentration of silver in ppm? I worked this problem by myself first but I keep getting the wrong answers Basically it wants the ppm of Silver To get the concentration in PPM [parts per mole]: PPM of component = mass of component/total mass x 10^6 Get price


O' 32 0 4 A chemist suspects that a given sample of

A new ore contains 52 3% silver by mass How many grams of the ore are needed to obtain 10 0 moles of silver? a 2 060 g b 1 080 g c 564g d 10 0 g 0 523 X a 000 A compound is made up of entirely silicon and oxygen atoms If there are 14 0 g Si and 32 0 g O present what is the empirical formula of the compound? d a Si02 b c Get price


Chemistry Test 1 Flashcards

Lead metal can be extracted from a mineral called galena which contains 86 6% lead by mass A particular ore contains 68 5%galena by mass If the lead can be extracted with 92 5% efficiency what mass of ore is required to make a lead sphere with a 6 50 cm radius?Get price


#10 Key

Mar 01 2010Glycerol has strong hydrogen bonding from the (OH) groups like water "Likes dissolve likes" and the two liquids are miscible 11 A) Calculate the mass percent of Na2SO4 in a solution containing 10 6 g of Na2SO4 in 483 g of water B) An ore contains 2 86 g of silver per ton of ore What is the concentration of silver in ppm?Get price


South Axholme School AS Paper 1 and 2 Amount of Substance

(Total 1 mark) Q5 When vanadium reacts with chlorine at 400C a brown compound is obtained When an aqueous solution containing 0 193 g of this compound was treated with aqueous silver nitrate all the chlorine in the compound was precipitated as silver chloride The mass of Get price


Seabridge Reports Progress At Its KSM Project But Higher

Mar 15 2019The Iron Cap deposit experienced notable growth At a cut-off value of C$16/tonne the indicated resources grew to 423 million tonnes ore and inferred resources to 1 899 billion tonnes ore Get price


Ch 6

Start studying Ch 6-Chemical Composition Moles Molar mass Mass Composition Formula types Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other Get price

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